David Mueller and Doug Kiggins as principles of Roaring Fork Capital provide more than 50 years of experience to the firm.  Their collective backgrounds include expertise in project analysis, business development, transaction consulting and creative capital structures for commercial projects.

Past projects include:

Invested capital of more than $100 million in Oil and Natural gas exploration and production in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. Doug Kiggins was a partner with Riata Energy in developing the Pinon field in West Texas and the Piceance basin of Colorado. The group invested in the development of Petro Source and the Century Natural Gas Processing facility. Continuing with Sandridge Energy after their acquisition of Riata.

Doug also managed more than $150 million in high net worth portfolios while he was at Smith Barney Consulting Group, where he specialized in consulting services and investment portfolios for corporate executives, celebrities and other high-net-worth individuals. 

David Mueller has provided more than $500 million of project equity and debt to various projects including real estate developments, commercial construction, oil and gas service companies, commercial title operations, and various other corporate finance projects within Oklahoma and Texas including the Benham Companies, Corken Industries, Big Star Crude, Trustmark and Newport Companies to name a few.

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